British Shorthairs

My first experience with the British shorthair breed was a white kitten named Rupert who my sister and I had as a pet when I was a child. He was a lovely cat, very typical of the breed in nature. Rupert used to eat his food with his paw, just like in the well-known TV ads, he was such a character and a real softy.

I always promised myself that when I left home, I would share my life with another British cat but it was a long while later until my dream finally came true. It was actually in 2007, when Hamlet, my uncle’s 15 year old cat passed away (he was a smoke BSH), that I decided to take the first steps to finding a suitable kitten to join our family… wasn’t an easy task and we had the heartbreak of losing our first kitten Nemo, to an underlying illness that we were not aware he had, just 8 weeks after we got him home. It was a traumatic experience and we left it a while before we could bear to think of getting another kitten…
When the time did come when we felt ready, I decided to speak to someone with a good knowledge of the breed. I contacted Mrs Doreen Goadby at the Short Haired Cat Society and she e-mailed me a list of reputable breeders. I also visited a few cat shows and I was amazed by the multitude of colours and of course wanted to take a few home in my pocket!! After a few weeks of looking at the various breeders websites, I came across the cats bred by Sandie Holloway (Rayanshel).

I had never actually seen a lilac in the ‘fur’ at any of the shows, but I fell in love with a picture of Rayanshel Parma Violet, a lilac British shorthair . I contacted Sandie and asked her if she had any lilac kittens available and she said she didn’t but she had just mated her fantastic girl, UK IGR CH Sheephouse Ami to the same stud who sired Parma Violet. I literally had to wait 5 months from that point until the kittens would be ready to leave. I’m sure that I drove Sandie mad with my constant e-mails for updates….! Three kittens were born into the litter, one boy and two girls. I originally wanted a boy and I only intended to have the one kitten but of course , after visiting the kittens aged 5 weeks, I fell in love with one of the girls in the litter too. After a long time spent waiting for them to come home, we welcomed Rayanshel Gandalf The Grey and Rayanshel Lilah Loveheart into our home in August 2008. Lilah & Gandalf started our love affair with breeding and showing this beautiful breed of cat. You can read more about them on their page.

I would like to thank my husband for supporting me with hard work and dedication in this wonderful hobby and for thinking up a name for my prefix...'Jorjeez'! Jorjeez is a GCCF registered prefix and we are members of the GCCF Accredited Breeder Scheme .

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