Admirari Cat King-Coal


Black Self  (BSH n)

Cwtch Tanks Amillion (Cream Self - BSH e)


CH Admirari Inca Hoots (Black Tortie - BSH f)

Blood Group B

Carries chocolate & dilute

Does not carry Longhair gene

PKD Tested Negative

Coal's Show Wins:

Open 1st Black Kitten

Tica Champion

 London Cats 2017 (2 Finals out of 8 Rings)


Admirari Cat-King Coal has come to us from our friend Jane Whitely (Admirari). He was rather an unexpected addition to our feline family but a very welcome one.  But we are thrilled he has joined us as he is such a funny cat and has us in fits of laughter with his antics.  A very confident kitten, he has settled in really well.   He has a stunning glossy black coat, with gorgeous copper orange eyes and fabulous British type.  A real teddy bear!  He carries dilute (blue) and the chocolate gene too, so we hope to have some lilac and chocolate kittens in the future from him.

We hope to show this stunning boy in the coming months.  We cant thank his breeder Jane enough for letting him come to live at Jorjeez.


In January 2017, Coal attended the London Cats Tica show at Leatherhead and he was awarded enough points over 8 rings to become a Tica Champion!  He only just qualified as an adult so that was a fantastic result. We are so proud of our young man. 

Update Summer 2018 - Coal is currently on a 'honeymoon' stay at Pastelpaws BSH ....entertaining the ladies!

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