Pictured @ 8 Months

Jorjeez Hanky Panky 

Blue Self  (BSH a)

Ch (Tica) Admirari Cat-King Coal

(Black Self - BSH n)


Bluepawz Alice In Wonderland

(Blue Self - BSH a)


Blood Group Ab

Carrying Chocolate 

Does not carry Longhair gene 

PKD Negative Via Parentage Testing

Pictured @ 8 Months

Jorjeez Hanky Panky aka 'Mitzi' is the first home bred blue self kitten we've kept,  she was born to our lovely girl Bluepawz Alice in Wonderland who came to us from Lorraine Bowman. Her sire is our stud Ch (Tica) Admirari Cat-King Coal.

We decided to keep Mitzi as sadly we had to retire her mum Alice early from breeding as she had an emergency c-section on her first litter due to the first kitten becoming stuck and she was spayed at the same time. 


Mitzi and her 7 litter mates had the odds stacked against them after arriving a few days premature, we sadly lost two of the kittens the first day and after her mum developed post-op complications with her c-section wound, we had to hand feed the remaining kittens with some help for a week from our friend Natalie at Tigatails which we are grateful for.


It was touch and go at times for 3 weeks and we lost one more kitten during this time.  Luckily the five surviving kittens all went from strength to strength after those first heartbreaking weeks.  Lots of tears were cried but we are so happy they made it in the end!

Mitzi has a lovely pale blue coat that is short and thick and she has a nice cobby shape.  She also has a beautiful deep orange eye colour developing.  She has a sweet character and is quite bold and playful, always purring for England!​

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