Kitten Diary...

Ch (Tica) Admirari Cat-King Coal x Sheephouse Hummingbird

Kittens Due May 2018

23/5/18 - I'm delighted to say that a few days ago after a very difficult delivery that included a trip to the vet, Mimi gave birth to four beautiful kittens.  2 chocolate boys, 1 cream boy and 1 lilac girl...after a scary start the kittens are now doing well. Mimi is being a very good mummy to her brood as you can see...all on the milk bar!

6/6/18 - The kittens are just over two weeks old now and all eyes are open! They are all doing really well. We have realised Meadowlark is actually a lilac tortie after noticing a tiny patch of cream on her foot.

17/6/18- The kittens are 4 weeks old today and are all growing well, the 3 boys, Kookaburra, Mockinjay & Sparrowhawk are all nibbling on food now and we have started litter training. Mimi continues to be a devoted mum to her brood.

26/07/1818- Sorry for the long overdue update but life has been busy and we've had a holiday at Jorjeez HQ...our kittens are now 10 weeks old and all doing great, first vaccinations went well too and all have good appetites.  Meadowlark is the naughty tortie and lives up to her name...full of mischief! The boys are definitely more laid back than their sister and tend to watch her climb to places they can't reach yet...

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