Our Breeding Ethos

We believe that the decision to introduce a new kitten is a life-long commitment and we as registered breeders aim to ensure that all of our kittens leave us and join their new families healthy and with wonderful temperaments. We carefully select the pedigree lines of our cats to maintain the correct type and characteristics of the British Shorthair cat. Alongside this we show our cats at shows across the country so that we know that our cats are of the correct standard and true to the breed type as set out in the GCCF standard of points.


The comfort and wellbeing of our cats is of extreme importance to us and we maintain a stringent worming and flea treatment regime and a high level of hygiene standards. All of our cats have annual vaccinations and health checks and we undertake PKD testing on any kitten we keep for our breeding plans. Our girls do not have more than one litter a year to ensure that they are in tip-top condition when they rear their kittens.


Breeding pedigree cats is not easy and it is not a case of just putting two cats together and you have kittens! It is in fact an enjoyable but very expensive hobby. We would be very lucky if the cost of the kittens we home as pets covers the cost of the care of our cats throughout the year…so far they haven't.  If breeders are breeding their cats ethically and on a small scale, they are certainly not looking to make a profit. Therefore, if you are looking for a kitten ‘on the cheap’ please look elsewhere.


Some of the costs involved in breeding ethically:

  • Pre-mating DNA Health testing - PKD, blood group, FIV & Felv, etc

  • Annual Boosters and vaccinations

  • Vet bills– Emergencies are more common when breeding cats

  • Maintaining a monthly worming & flea prevention programme – we only use prescribed treatments as the supermarket available treatments are generally ineffective

  • Stud Fees and travel costs to and from the stud owner (sometimes several trips are needed to achieve a successful mating and 3hrs + round trips are not uncommon)

  • Litter - we completely change and bleach all trays daily – twice daily for kittens

  • Bedding & Equipment - replacement of these on a regular basis

  • Extra heating and electricity costs when we have young kittens

  • Food - Our monthly cat food bill is massive! Our cats are fed on premium quality foods.

  • Show Entry fees and costs associated with a typical show day, i.e. petrol, food, equipment, etc

  • Kitten registration

  • Holiday care for our cats whilst we are on holiday (holidays here are quite limited but sometimes us human slaves need a re-charge!)

  • Spaying our retired breeding females – so they can retire and enjoy life simply as a lovable lap cat

  • On occasion it may be necessary to import a cat from abroad to help widen the gene pool

Kitten Buyers Beware of  ‘Back Yard Breeders’

Please be aware that there is often a reason why a kitten is being sold at a much lower fee than some reputable breeders. More often than not, they are bred by unscrupulous BYB ‘Back-yard-breeders’ whose primary goal is to sell as many kittens as quickly as possible, thus enabling them to make a profit.  However there are also those who are selling kittens at average prices, who seem genuine but are asking for deposits before matings have taken place or kittens born. NO reputable breeder will ask for a deposit before a kitten has been born!


Often cats from both types of these 'BYB' are not health tested, are unvaccinated & unregistered and sold far too young. A GCCF registered breeder should not be selling kittens that are under 13 weeks of age. Some cats living with these ‘so-called’ breeders are kept in cramped conditions, bred repeatedly in a year and kittens are often in poor health. Please think carefully before buying a kitten from these breeders as you are only helping to perpetuate and endorse these unethical practices and it is the cats that will continue to suffer. If you don't like what you see - the best help you can give the cats and help stop such practices is to walk away!


Decision Time

Once we both agree that one of my kittens would be suitable for you, I will keep you updated with their progress and provide regular pictures until they are able to join you. 


Our kittens are mainly fed on a premium raw diet of chicken & rabbit minces. We source these foods from online raw pet food specialist's Purrform. They offer delivery to your home of the frozen minces, which can then be conveniently defrosted. Alongside this, our cats and kittens are also fed Acana Cat & Kitten Chicken biscuits and Royal Canin Baby Cat biscuits and cooked coley fish. We are firm believers that a raw diet is beneficial to a kittens development and is the diet nature intended for cats. However, we do also feed a small amount of commercially available cat food alongside this so that our kittens are used to a varied diet that suits all families lifestyles.



British Shorthairs are ideal pets for families and would also be suitable for people who work as they are generally laid back and undemanding in nature.  In addition, they require very little grooming in comparison to other breeds.  However, they do greatly enjoy company so if you are not at home during the day and you do not have another cat, I would strongly recommend having two kittens.


Leaving Home

Once the kitten has left us we would love to have regular updates from new owners on the progress of the kittens and will look forward to seeing them as they grow into gorgeous teddy bears!

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